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Trends in adolescent fruit and vegetable consumption, Project EAT. Am J Prev Med. Obesity and the environment: Where do we go from here? Identifying the energy gap: magnitude and determinants of 5-year weight gain in mid-age women. Obes Res. Estimating the energy gap among US children: a counterfactual approach. Energy gain and energy gap in normal-weight children: longitudinal data of the KOPS.

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Increased food energy supply is more than sufficient to explain the US epidemic of obesity. Estimating the changes in energy flux that characterize the rise in obesity prevalence. Using electronic step counters to increase lifestyle physical activity: Colorado on the Move. A family-based approach to preventing excessive weight gain.

Obesity Silver Spring ; 14 — Small changes in dietary sugar and physical activity as an approach to preventing excessive weight gain: the America on the Move Family Study. A small-changes approach reduces energy intake in free-living humans. J Am Coll Nutr.

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Small changes in nutrition and physical activity promote weight loss and maintenance: 3-month evidence from the ASPIRE randomized trial. Ann Behav Med. Patient Educ Couns. Weight maintenance: what's missing? J Am Diet Assoc. Small changes in snacking behaviour: the potential impact on CVD mortality.

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J Clin Endocrinol Metab. The effect of graded levels of exercise on energy intake and balance in free-living women. A small step for obesity but a great leap in the wrong direction for mankind. Next steps in obesity prevention: altering early life systems to support healthy parents, infants and toddlers.

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Child Obes. Maintenance of dietary behaviour change. Health Psychol. Physical activity behaviour change: issues in adoption and maintenance. Sallis JF, Glanz K. Physical activity and food environments: solutions to the obesity epidemic. Milbank Q. Environmental correlates of physical activity and dietary behaviours among young people: a systematic review of reviews.

Theory, evidence and Intervention Mapping to improve behaviour nutrition and physical activity interventions. Mediating variable framework in physical activity interventions: How are we doing? How might we do better? Intervention mapping: a protocol for applying health psychology theory to prevention programmes. J Health Psychol.

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    Stages and processes of self-change of smoking: toward an integrative model of change. J Consult Clin Psychol. In search of how people change: applications to addictive behaviours. Am Psychol. Sallis JF, Nader P. Family determinants of health behaviors. In: Gochman D, editor. Health Behavior: Emerging Research Perspectives.

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