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Comprehension Intervention Anne Goudvis et al. Grade s : K - 2nd. Grade s : 3rd - 6th. Grade s : Other. Searchable cited references are provided for 1, journals. A to Z List of Journals Always check the A to Z list to see if we have access to the journal title and date of publication you need!

These papers, and others, are available through The American Presidency Project see link below to access these papers online. Available documents include executive orders, press conferences, radio addresses, inaugural address, and more. Users can search by president, date, keyword, document type, and more. The American Nation by Bruce Frohnen Editor The American Nation makes available, in one volume, many of the most crucial documents necessary for understanding the variety of policies and viewpoints driving American public life during an important, substantive part of American history.

The primary sources in The American Nation are relevant to the Civil War, Reconstruction, the rise of a national capitalist system and culture, the waves of reform-minded thought and policy that moved the nation toward formation of the national administrative and welfare states, and America's emergence as a major power on the world stage. The Antebellum Era by David A.

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Copeland Call Number: E D43 Firsthand accounts offer students, scholars, or anyone interested in the pivotal period preceding the Civil War a look at how America's press covered important national issues and events of the day, from the passage of the Missouri Compromise through John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry. Using editorials, letters, essays, and news reports that appeared throughout the country, Copeland reveals how editors, politicians, and other Americans used the press to influence opinion.

These are the primary documents that displayed the pulse of the nation.

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Issues such as abolition, education, and women's rights are discussed along with important events such as the nullification crisis of , the Mexican War, and the Kansas-Nebraska Act. C54 Strong collection of annotated primary documents from the Civil War years present a wide range of opinions, North and South, on the major political and military controversies of the time.

C58 v. According to the publisher, "Defining Documents in American History: Civil War — surveys key documents produced during the Civil War with special attention devoted to the war-time policies of President Abraham Lincoln and the 37th US Congress. A special feature of the volumes is the inclusion of letters and diaries by soldiers and civilians writing about their experiences.

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These documents provide a compelling view of the extraordinary difficulties endured in battle and the home front. A19 v. These volumes highlight important historical documents from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, including speeches, letters, manifestos and more -from influential figures during this century. The Reconstruction Era by Donna L. Dickerson Call Number: E D As the sole purveyors of news and opinion, Reconstruction-era newspapers bent and spindled American public opinion with little regard for independent journalism and great regard for party politics.

In other words, the newspapers of the Reconstruction era served political rather than social needs. The issues facing the nation were momentous, and opinions on how to deal with the problems were vigorously presented and defended. Using editorials, letters, essays, and news reports that appeared throughout the country's print media, this book reveals how editors, politicians, and other Americans used the press to influence opinion from to Issues such as civil rights, constitutional amendments, a presidential impeachment, Indian wars, immigration, and political corruption dominated the newspapers and gave journalists opportunities to advance their agendas.

M62 v. Includes important primary sources related to American history from to Also available online via Salem History Online. Understanding U. U53 v. The second title in the ground-breaking Milestone Document series, this new set pairs primary source texts with expert analysis by esteemed historians. Milestone Documents of American Leaders features important full-text sources written by presidents, jurists, legislators and other influential people who helped shape the nation.

County histories mid-Atlantic and New England states and Northeast regimental histories are also included. This Collection was released in five series and are simultaneously searched via this link. Here you may explore thousands of original documents that allow you to see what life was like during the Civil War for the men and women of Augusta and Franklin. Making of America Cornell Primary sources in American social history primarily from the antebellum period through reconstruction. Making of America Books University of Michigan Primary sources in American social history primarily from the antebellum period through reconstruction.

Civil War Washington "Civil War Washington allows users to study, visualize, and theorize the complex changes in the city of Washington, DC between and through a collection of datasets, images, texts, and maps. Nineteenth Century Documents Project "When completed this collection will include accurate transcriptions of many important and representative primary texts from nineteenth century American history, with special emphasis on those sources that shed light on sectional conflict and transformations in regional identity" from Furman University. Documenting the American South "Includes sixteen thematic collections of books, diaries, posters, artifacts, letters, oral history interviews, and songs" from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Duke University Libraries Digital Collections Access diaries, letters, military registers, advertisements, and other documents from the Civil War. Library of Congress Digital Collections formerly American Memory Project [Library of Congress] -- Provides papers, photographs, maps, and more, covering all periods of American history. Both primary and secondary sources are available here. Avalon Project Documents in law, history and government, from ancient times through the 21st century from Yale Law School.

History Matters This site provides access to primary sources, as well as acts as a gateway to hundreds of American history web sites and information about historiography from George Mason University. In the First Person In-depth indexing of more than 2, collections of oral history in English from around the world. World Digital Library Provides access to "significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world. Site includes a wealth of manuscripts, maps, rare books, films, sound recordings, as well as prints and photographs.

Among the most important pictorial records of the conflict, together they shed a stark light on the destruction witnessed during the war and its aftermath" from Duke Libraries. Most were never published and are now available for the first time through the joint work of Life and Google. Coverage dates: Historical Newspapers Online Access newspapers beginning in the s and continuing beyond the year The links available here provide access to local, regional, and specialized newspapers from all over the U.

Harper's Access the Harper's Archive, - present. Full text availability. It is the second-oldest continuously published monthly magazine in the U. The Nation Users can search and access the complete backfile of The Nation, "an unabashedly left-wing publication. Coverage: -- Present 1 month embargo.

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Chronicling America "Search America's historic newspapers pages from or use the U. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between present. Chronicling America is sponsored jointly by the National Endowment for the Humanities external link and the Library of Congress. Richmond Daily Dispatch - Includes " issues of the paper available online, ranging in date from November through December " from Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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Letters, Diaries, Memoirs, etc. Resources are available by these Major Players : Ulysses S.

Jefferson Davis. This series includes letters, diaries, and memoirs from Yankee and Confederate men and women written during the Civil War.

Ulysses S. Grant, political cartoons, and sheet music from the larger collection. Other materials will be added to the digital collection as processing continues" from Mississippi State University. Highlighted Titles:. Blood and Irony by Sarah E.

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Gardner Call Number: E G27 In doing so, they shaped the myth of the Lost Cause and tried to restore dignity and valor to the public image of the South. Women worked both independently and in concert, and Gardner reveals a strong community of Confederate women who were conscious of their shared effort to define a new and compelling vision of the southern war experience. Brady's Civil War by Webb B. B73 G37 In the Civil War era, Mathew Brady and his staff became the country's foremost photographers of battle scenes and military life, traveling widely throughout the warring states with their cameras.

Brady, who learned the rudiments of photography from Samuel Morse the inventor of Morse code , had established his own daguerreotype studio in New York in By the time of the war, however, Brady was suffering from extremely poor eyesight, so many of the photographs credited to him from this time were in fact taken by his staff.

Nonetheless, he amassed a priceless archive of images of the war -- some 6, of them -- with subjects as diverse as politicians, military leaders, and soldiers in the field, as well as devastating scenes of carnage and destruction taken shortly after the battles, and portraits of home life during the war. Carter Editor Call Number: E C98 A3 William Barker Cushing is considered one of the navy's greatest heroes of the Civil War. After his expulsion from the U.

Naval Academy in , Cushing managed to get an appointment as a master's mate on one of the warships of a blockading squadron. Cushing's daring and exceptional performance in battle led to a spectacular rise in rank, responsibility, and reputation.