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The end is like the end o Better,longer and with an appropriate end for an end Whiskey and Lace gives me hope for better days to come.

The end is like the end of the movie version of New Moon. What I realised is that I compare the lace books in my mind and I don't know if that's a good thing. Dec 06, C. The second book in the "lace" series I like to call the book of uneasiness, though, I think we learn a lot of key things about Carter in this book.

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They have various fights and misunderstadings, but Eva starts to learn Carter treats her differently. She isn't like all the other models who he previously dated. She is special. I thought it was great Carter started to reach Eva to the point where he knew how she was going to respond to things.

At the very end of the book he goes to her after she tel The second book in the "lace" series I like to call the book of uneasiness, though, I think we learn a lot of key things about Carter in this book. At the very end of the book he goes to her after she tells him everything is "ok" she just needs time alone to get things done. From there, the exciting stuff happens!! Aug 20, Ch rated it it was ok. Such a fifty shades rip off.

For instance the elevator scene where Christian guides Ana into the back of the elevator and plays his own little game while she is worried that someone might know what he is doing to her.

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  • Yeah well same happens here Again the whole "don't run way from me-marry me" scene from fifty shades of gray. There are too many similarities between those two books I'm gonna give the next book a try Jan 03, Chris Mascaro rated it it was amazing. After reading this, I'm eagerly awaiting for 3! I'm usually a novel reader, but it was nice to have this broken up for me! I like how in this particular piece the characters have more interaction, and are given a lot more depth.

    The first was hot and heavy to peak my interest, and 2 developed the plot. Eva got a lot more sexy in this book.

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    Waiting for 3!!! Felt too rushed!! Jun 01, Stephanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: adult , series , romance , summer Good good! Carter Morgan will be one more book boyfriend in my list. I love him all! I want him all! This book was very good and apart that its short I read it like it was just a few pages. Aug 15, Lisa rated it it was ok Shelves: kindle , kinky-fuckery , adult , own , bookie-nookie , lace-series.

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    I was walking away from him. I was leaving the most amazing man I'd ever been with. The man who drove me mad with anger and lust. The man who trampled all over my life and my heart.

    Turning Steel Into Lace

    I knew I was falling for this man too fast and too soon and I knew he would trample all over my emotions. If I'm just some girl you dress up to look pretty on your arm, some girl you fuck, you need to let me go. I can't be that. Not for me. No one matters before you. Just you and me. I've been so messed up. If it was right, I don't think it would be this hard. No, I think it's this hard right now because it is right. I've never felt this way about anyone before.

    It was so easy before because I turned my feelings off, but with you, I can't. I've never met anyone like you. You're beautiful and smart and stubborn. I've never been so drawn to anyone in my life. It's hard because we're breaking down walls and once they're down, it will be so worth it. I've got it so deep I can barely even breathe. When we're together you take my breath away and when we're apart I'm lost. I won't run again, I promise.

    What can I say to make you believe me?

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    Feb 02, Lydia H rated it really liked it Shelves: read-more-than-once. If some of the details in the first book of the "Lace Series", were similar to those in the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy and The Crossfire Series, then I don't even want to officially know how many there were in this book, because trust me when I say, there were a lot!

    But mind you, that fact wasn't a deal breaker for me. I still kept turning the pages wanting to know what happened in this story. Guess I'm really a sucker for a hot and steamy romance Even though this was another short book 80 pages I think , you can appreciate some character development. There was information about Eva and Carter's pasts and their respective families.

    There were even more passionate and very yummy scenes between them which made me swoon in the best freaking way!!! It's also very safe to say I absolutely hate Madeline!!! Once again, this book ended right in the middle of a scene so thankfully I already have the third book because I truly hate waiting to find out how things end I mean, curiosity plus a great book?

    If you're looking for a short and steamy read, I recommend the Lace Series for sure!! The fourth book comes out in March-ish. Starting book three, NOW!! Mar 25, Liz rated it liked it. More like 2.

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    I kept waiting for something interesting to happen that would make this young billionaire fall instantly in love with an "average-but-beautiful" woman story become original, but nothing. And I could probably name 7 or 8 books where ALL of these elements are included -- lace panties getting ripped off, expensive gifts that aren't wanted by the h because it's "too much" obsessiveness, possessiveness, alpha to the extreme. Keep in mind they've only known More like 2.

    Keep in mind they've only known each other for a week. At least the cliffhangers are well placed, even if the actions and feelings of the characters seem far fetched. We still don't truly understand the issues with Eva and her mother, even though there's a whole lunch that Carter barges his way into; and the author introduces another layer to Eva relative to birth control that begs a question or two -- or would, if I hadn't already read this somewhere else. I chose this series because I really liked Wild.

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    This is really disappointing. Eva and Carter run hot and cold, and hot and cold. They don't communicate, don't trust each other, and behave like spoiled children. Eva has a work engagement in New York City, Carter pouts and tells her she can't go, when she ignores him Carter decides to follow her. They are irrational and make irrational, snap decisions. Eva sees an ex-girlfriend leaving Carters's building, assumes he's cheating and instead of confronting him, she breaks up with him. They break up and make up several times, t Eva and Carter run hot and cold, and hot and cold. They break up and make up several times, then Carter comes up with a way to keep Eva with him forever.

    There is no greater insight into the characters, I don't know why they behave the way they do, no personal history is revealed to make me more sympathetic to their issues. Their relationship is doomed and they are not healthy for each other. Oct 14, G rated it it was ok Shelves: insta-crazy. Major paraphrasing coming along. Carter - I don't want you to see your ex ever again. Eva - No! We are childhood friends, and he's my BF brother. It's not like i love him.