Guide Present Perfect: 25 Gifts to Sew & Bestow

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Can't wait to see you make all these via instragram - I won't be peeking through your window or anything like a stalker. Did you know that there's only six weekends left before Christmas?? Ok, let me just pick myself up off the floor, brush myself off.

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Know why? Six weekends is really twelve days, and just think of all the days between those weekends, really there's PLENTY of time, right? Work with me, k?

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I'm about to save your hidey ho on the holiday gifts. This is such a cute book! Betz has obviously put her best work into it and has given us a project for just about anyone on your list.

Present Perfect: 25 Gifts to Sew & Bestow Book by Betz White | eBay

Inside the pages are full of tips on how to make your gift one of a kind and how to make the most of what you might already have around the house. Each project is defined by skill level with a cute little pincushion illustration to help guide you in the right direction. Some of my favorite projects, and the ones you'll find under the tree from me, are The Gentleman's Travel Case:.

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Surely that beats a gallon size zip-top plastic baggie, right? Hopefully my sister isn't reading this blog post because the Casserole Daddy-O has her name all over it!

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