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The three papers in the session provide three Australian case studies of issues that have also been hotly debated in Europe: placing defendants in glass cages in the courtroom, providing sanctuaries for vulnerable witnesses through video links, and the use of screening, CCTV and intelligence to manage risk. These studies contrast overt physical barriers to contain people with the soft power of surveillance and customer services; security as a set of techniques for managing danger with psychological safety as a goal for supporting victims of violence and other vulnerable justice participants.

For Begley, the take-home message is about space, not only in relation to the distribution of prisons , and the housing of urban prisoners in rural locations, and their counting in the census where they are incarcerated, not where they are from , but also in the spaces of imprisonment themselves, viewed from above.

And the baseball field mimicked the form about these buildings as well. There was something very American about it when I first saw it.

Drawing a chilling parallel between his satellite images and TV newscasting, Begley puts it like this:. But rarely do we look at these spaces in our backyard and think critically about them. In a bold political analysis he describes how the US-led revolution in law and order has dismantled the welfare state, replacing it with a disciplinary and penal state. The book concludes with a chapter from Professor Wacquant himself responding to the commentaries upon his work.

Exploration as Knowledge Transfer: Exhibiting Hidden Histories

It fills an important gap in the existing literature and will be exciting reading for academics and students of criminology, social policy and the social sciences more broadly. Sounds really interesting.

Their hope is that it will grow as an interactive community and online presence for any person who identifies as a part of the 1 in people incarcerated in the United States. Some scholarly attention has been given to the historic increase in the U. Rehabilitation did not die in the U.

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Read more here. Carceral geography recognises the parallels and overlaps between incarceration as a result of the criminal justice process, and, for example, the detention of migrants with unclear or contested legal status; a forthcoming book and seminar series specifically seek to draw together scholarship of these practices rather than to see them in isolation. In part, the message is conveyed through the replica prison cell installed at the back of the yellow school bus.

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The bunk bed, toilet and sink were donated from a prison in Alabama, and the idea is that children will find the cell off-putting enough to discourage them from offending. A short video here shows the bus, the cell and reactions of visiting children. The communication of this message through the vicarious cell experience, of course, assumes that imprisonment is in some way a deterrent to crime — itself a highly contested viewpoint….

Rather than explicitly to deter visitors from offending, the aim in offering a transient experience of incarceration, was to encourage them to reflect on prison conditions and the rehabilitation of inmates. This "Cited by" count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. Add co-authors Co-authors.

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