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Calvin knows adulthood looms. He knows that once he grows up there's no going back. Having Hobbes as a best friend means he can celebrate egotism and immaturity while still developing his social and creative skills for when he inevitably has to let his childhood go.

By imagining what Hobbes would do or say, Calvin builds a model for his future self without betraying his present values. Calvin is so dedicated to maintaining his immature persona that, in my favorite story-arc of the series, he passes the credit for his greatest academic achievement to Hobbes: But while Hobbes gives Calvin a model of who he might be one day, he still has a psychological leap to make.

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Calvin fights responsibility with every fiber of his being, often at great cost in terms of the esteem and understanding of his parents. Near the end of the series Bill Watterson points to how Calvin might find common ground with adulthood; sometimes all it takes is to have an authority figure take you serious and give you a choice. And who knows, the authority figure might get something out of it too: Edited View all 13 comments. Now what can I say about this but apart from its amazing. The box set is massive and heavy. Now I will admit I probably read this faster than normal as I have already had a number of the individual books already - however when the chance came along to own this book at a fraction of the cost and making it cheaper than if I were to buy the rest of the book individually how could I resist.

Now for anyone who has not read Calvin and Hobbes where have you been! Basically you have a six year old boy Calvin, a precocious little boy who's imagination runs wild. Here you share in his world as he is enjoys life while trying to make sense of the world around him.

All the time sharing his adventures and observations with his imaginary best friends Hobbes a huge equally precocious tiger. Now this book represents the complete work by Bill Watterson of his Calvin and Hobbes comics from November 18, to December 31, and as sad as the fact is that there will be no more you have to admire the fact they have survived so long and stayed so fresh to this day and no doubt beyond.

If ever you want something to life your heart and make you smile the comic adventures of Calvin and Hobbes must surely be considered.

View all 3 comments. Jan 09, Christopher rated it it was amazing Shelves: 20th-century , american , comics-graphic-novels , favorites , pages-or-more , pages-or-more. I grew up on this. In the early nineties, I woke up every morning and stomped to the front door to retrieve the newspaper and spend some quality time with the comics section while eating my Lucky Charms or Count Chocula the closest thing to Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs I could lay my hands upon.

I delighted in the exploits of Calvin and his pet tiger, Hobbes, who was obviously a real and ferocious but lovable beast, but appeared as a stuffed animal to Calvin's parents, peers and superiors. When I opened my front door after walking home from the bus stop, I always wished I would be greeted with a tiger attack. When I got a snow day off from school, I strove for the creative and technical brilliance of Calvin's snow sculptures.

Like Calvin and Hobbes, all of my games and sports eventually morphed transmogrified into Calvinball. Spaceman Spiff was my favorite astronaut hero. I mean, it is. It's completely appropriate for children.

“The truth is, most of us discover where we are headed when we arrive.”

But there is so much depth and subtlety to the comic that I missed as a kid. Spaceman Spiff was my favorite as a young reader, but what I find appreciating even more as an adult is the culture criticism and commentary.

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There's a lot of focus on the media and the environment. The most obvious characterization for him would be that he is a sweet but mischievous kid with an imaginary best friend. But there's a darker element to Calvin and his tiger.

MOOD - Calvin and Hobbes - Full Story

At times, the strip makes you wonder: is there something wrong with Calvin? Should he be receiving some intense therapy? There is one particular story arc that felt very unsettling to me. Calvin begins receiving letters from an unknown writer; they come marked with a skull and crossbones and they must be decoded.

And what happens, of course, is that the letters are actually coming from Calvin's own house! Which means that Hobbes wrote and sent them! Which, if you recall, is impossible, because Hobbes is an imaginary tiger! And Calvin honestly does not remember writing and sending these messages to himself, which means that he probably has a serious case of Dissociative Identity Disorder a. So the question becomes: what sort of tragedy has Calvin suffered that has fractured his personality thusly? It's a troubling question, for me, at least.

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One final word of praise for Mr. He knew when to quit. After ten years of writing about a funny kid and his imaginary tiger, he was able to realize that he was running out of steam. Like so many others find themselves unable to do, Watterson retired his strip before it soured.

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  7. And another congrats to him for not licensing his images to be plastered all over lunchboxes and t-shirts and bastardized in endless movie adaptations. Yes, this means that if you have a sticker on your Chevy of Calvin pissing on a Ford logo, you are in breach of copyright; also, don't be stupid. Calvin will always be my favorite megalomaniacal and possibly schizophrenia-plagued child. View all 7 comments. Sep 15, unknown rated it it was amazing Shelves: comix , favorites.

    It's a magical world; there's treasure everywhere, the days are just packed and scientific progress goes boink. But something under the bed is drooling. Weirdos from another planet? Homicidal psycho jungle cat? Revenge of the baby-sat? Or an attack of the deranged mutant killer monster snow goons? Yukon ho! Dec 24, Ganglion Bard-barbarian rated it it was amazing. Calvin and Hobbes had a huge cultural influence on the Pacific Northwest anarchist scene the comic strip is believed to take place in the Pacific Northwest and the political undertones of the comic strip are fairly obvious but also severely overlooked, but such is the case with all revolutionary art.

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    With his talent, Watterson could have became an underground messiah churning out inaccessible cult-classic graphic novels, instead he chose to struggle against a highly corrupt and controlling news Calvin and Hobbes had a huge cultural influence on the Pacific Northwest anarchist scene the comic strip is believed to take place in the Pacific Northwest and the political undertones of the comic strip are fairly obvious but also severely overlooked, but such is the case with all revolutionary art.

    With his talent, Watterson could have became an underground messiah churning out inaccessible cult-classic graphic novels, instead he chose to struggle against a highly corrupt and controlling newspaper comic publisher's syndicate in order to see his vision realized of a newspaper comic serial that harked back to the glory days before the mass-produced minimalism Garfield and the preachiness of Doonesbury. What is so amazing about Watterson's work is how real it is. The comic succeeds as such a profound meditation on life because it is so humble and unpretentious, cut from the fabric of daily existence.

    Watterson's cynicism is grounded in a love of childlike awe of the natural world and the unfettered human spirit. Unlike most adult authors, Watterson writes about childhood with honesty and realism rather than saccharine romanticism. Yes, Calvin has idyllic fun exploring the world outside him but he is also intimately oppressed and exploited by capitalist institutions on no uncertain terms, it's in spite of and because of this suffering that he cherishes reality and it's this love of freedom and natural beauty that is at the heart of Calvin's cynicism.

    Calvin's father is much like Kaczynski or John Zerzan, a misanthropic radical trapped in a soul-crushing white collar existence. The professional career demands of Calvin's father hypocritically force his mother to be the face and the muscle-power behind Calvin's disciplining. Calvin's Dad sees his son turning away from revolutionary ideals and towards the materialism and cynicism of modern capitalism, but what can Calvin's Dad do?

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    Like most children Calvin spends more time with the television set than with his father. On the flip-side, Hobbes, Calvin's imaginary friend is Calvin's inner self, the self Calvin's father wishes Calvin would be. Hobbes follows the path of the tao and looks upon humanity with a bemused skepticism.

    Calvin bonds most with Hobbes by walking through the wilderness and contemplating life in a very peripatetic fashion.